Developed by the Amapá State Court - TJAP since 1997/1998, in partnership with AMCEL, the Pirralho Project is an educational project aimed to schoolchildren with imminent risk of socioeconomic and/or belonging to risk group exclusion.

Participants of this program are students of municipal and state public schools aged between 14 and 18, who are selected by the Boards of the districts in the municipalities of Porto Grande and Ferreira Gomes.

Pirralho Project has contributed to the reduction of youth delinquency rates, drug use, alcohol abuse and other social problems in the cities of Porto Grande and Ferreira Gomes. It is therefore of great importance for the region. It aims to contribute to improving the quality of life of young people who are exposed to imminent risk of socioeconomic exclusion, through training to enter the labor market and integrated to other AMCEL Social Programs.

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