CEDAR Community: Family Farm School Support PROJECT

Agricultural Family School is located in the Cedar Community, municipality of Tartarugalzinho, INCRA Settlement, located in the vicinity of AMCEL. The school has the purpose to promote vocational training for young people from the surrounding communities, as well as function as regular school offering education to Elementary School (6th to 9th grade) and High School students. It was created through an agreement between the Parent-Teacher Association and State and Federal governments. Unlike traditional schools study regimen, the Agricultural Family School works on an alternate basis, "school time" and " community time." Through this alternating pedagogy method, students stay at school for 15 days and spend 15 days with their families in the settlement. The school management is done by the Association of Parents and Teachers PA Cedro, in partnership with State Government.

Due to its importance as a space for the professionalization of young people, supporting the School contributes for AMCEL to fulfill the social role of the company and integrate these and other actions in order to expand activities in the communities.

Mon, 09 Mar 2015 00:00:00 -0300